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The Dolphin Group was established in 1996 by Anders Hummel and Søren Olsen. They wanted to create more flexible, challenging and performance-promoting training environments for managers and teams in both public and private business life. With a background culture including the Danish Navy’s Frogmen Corps, the company today has developed particular focus on running a large number of specially arranged team-building courses and staff development assignments.

In 2008, Søren Olsen took over all the shares in Dolphin Group A/S and is today the company’s sole owner.

The Dolphin Group has (three full-time employees and more than 35 professional consultants associated with the company on a freelance basis, many of whom have been with the company since it was established in 1996. It is the personal commitment and special areas of expertise of these employees and consultants that ensures that the Dolphin Group has a solid foundation for the continued development and supply of its services.

The Dolphin Group today is a healthy and competitive company that has secured itself a reasonable and stable market position. To achieve the further technical and business development of the company, it was decided in 2011 to professionalise the company’s board by adding two external members with relevant experience from large Danish and foreign companies and from the public sector in Denmark. This strengthening of the Dolphin Group’s organisation will help ensure the continued positive development of the company and its focus areas for the benefit of customers, employees and business partners.

The Dolphin Group’s business area

The Dolphin Group’s business area is concentrated on the provision of courses in the following:

  • Team-building of staff, management groups, project teams, and similar (e.g. establishment of new teams, merging teams)
  • Team development (the further development of existing teams)
  • Prior testing of management ability in particular employees
  • Selection of managers
  • Manager training
  • Communication training
  • Feedback training
  • Staff selection.

Every training course can be followed by a half-day follow-up course at the work place where lessons learned can be applied and refreshed.

As further follow-up on a training course, continuing maintenance can be provided in everyday circumstances with their everyday challenges.

In addition to the above, the company provides:

  • Coaching based on a 360 degree examination.
  • Lectures on mental barriers, communication, feedback, the Sirius Patrol, etc.

The Dolphin Group provides about 200 seminar days per year for customers in Denmark and abroad.

Customers are usually private companies or public organisations and institutions. The Dolphin Group has a broad range of regular customers, including some of the leading corporations in Danish business, e.g. Novozymes, Nordea, Nokia and Novo Nordisk.

The Dolphin Group’s decisive competitive edge in the market for team-building and staff development courses has been assured through the following important success criteria:

  • Price
  • Quality and flexibility
  • Setting of goals and costs beforehand
  • Careful planning as well as sure and reliable running of all courses
  • Evaluation and feedback on every stage of every course
  • Evaluation, follow-up and any necessary adjustments after every course
  • Good and positive collaboration between participants and instructors.


The Dolphin Group currently has three full-time employees and about 35 freelance consultants, who all have a solid background in business. They are either experienced managers with HR responsibility in large organisations or work as independent consultants specialising in other areas related to the courses provided by the Dolphin Group. Several of the consultants have a background in special units of either the defence forces or the police.

The requirement for all consultants in the Dolphin Group is a great personality and, not least, a burning desire to work in the fields of human development and teamwork. This enthusiasm must be combined with a willingness to be challenged to the limits and consequently a desire for personal development. This means that, in the form of its employees and consultants, the Dolphin Group possesses a great deal of human and technical expertise.

The course leaders have a background in the Frogmen Corps, the Sirius Patrol or the police.

The company’s official information:

Dolphin Group A/S

Mosevej 13

3630 Jægerspris


VAT no.: DK28661029

Contact person: Director Søren Olsen

Telephone: (+45) 20 70 49 70



Dolphin Group A/S Mosevej 13 3630 Jægerspris Telefon 20 70 49 70 Email: se nr. 28661029
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